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*Not really, but using data I can get really really close!



Design is more than colors and buttons on a screen. Design is the intent or outcome that ultimately solves a problem. I've built UX organizations around this way of thinking; hiring, coaching, and inspiring teams to place the user at the center of everything they do, and every technology they create. There are 4 Pillars I focus on when establishing high performing teams.


Setting and defining long and short term UX strategies that span multiple business units and product lines ensure a clear direction. 


Developing those strategies to help businesses results in increased revenue, MRR or reduce customer churn. Demonstrating the ROI and business goals using data-driven user feedback to strategically align business and influence company direction.


Mentoring and growing all levels of career experiences, from new-to-industry to senior level managers, designers to developers, and executive management.

Guiding and influencing senior level management on the value of design thinking and user-centered design approach to solving business problems.  

Championing UX as a whole and the value UX brings to early business planning and strategic planning.


Defining a quality statement sets the standard and empowers others to hold their work to a standard.


Adopting the motto “Don’t ship SH*#!” also helps to reinforce the principle of quality.

Quality statements set expectations with other teams and stakeholders on the level of execution my teams deliver.


I have teams focus on mastery within their disciplines. Encouraging teams to learn and grow their skill sets through continuing education, conferences and innovation time.

Career growth and opportunity via mentorship and clearly defined goals. Outward training of best practices and methodologies (Train the Trainer) also contributes to successful professional development.